Stein Lauds George Bush as a Civil Rights Leader

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Fox News contributor, actor, and lawyer Ben Stein, went after the New York Times for their blatant efforts to keep former President George W. Bush out of an iconic Selma photo this past weekend, saying it was a clear-cut case of “liberal bias,” and referred to Bush as both a “great guy” and a “civil rights leader.”

The Times took a photo of the 50th anniversary march of Bloody Sunday, and despite George and Laura Bush being in the front of the march not far from President Obama and his family, somehow managed to keep them off the cover. The Times has since denied there was any effort to ‘crop’ the photo, but that may simply be a parsing of words as the end result remains the same.

Stein commented that doing so was an even more egregious mistake, since Bush “was (a) civil rights leader, an impressive guy in that whole area.”

Stein also shredded the integrity of the New York Times, calling the publication “an organ of the Democratic party.”

The media forgets that George Bush appointed the first African-American man as Secretary of State, the first African-American woman as the same, and the first Hispanic as United States Attorney General.

He is also heralded by leaders on both sides of the aisle for his extensive work on African policies and issues, and his efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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