Stacey Abrams Concedes After Failing to Win Imaginary Reelection Bid

Despite declaring that she was "on the cusp of victory" Tuesday night, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams concedes her race with Republican Governor Brian Kemp.
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Despite declaring that she was “on the cusp of victory” Tuesday night, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams issued a rare concession speech after losing her race with Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp defeated Abrams for a second time, besting her this Election Day by a solid 7.5 points.

Abrams, who has been the subject of mockery for repeatedly insisting she actually won her previous campaign against Kemp in 2018 despite receiving nearly 55,000 fewer votes, actually delivered a concession speech.

“I may no longer be seeking the office of governor, but I will never stop doing everything in my power to ensure that the people of Georgia have a voice,” she told a crowd of supporters.

“We may not have made it to the finish line, but we ran that race,” she added. “We know that running is what matters. That standing is what matters. Defending is what matters.”

Still, she vowed that there “is always another chapter.”

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Stacey Abrams Supporters Disappointed as She Concedes

Fox News spoke to some of Stacey Abrams’ supporters and asked for their thoughts as she conceded the Georgia gubernatorial race.

One fan expressed that she was “devastated, disappointed [and] hurt” by the loss.

Others were more hopeful, saying they “can’t wait to see what’s in store” for Abrams in the future and vowing to “continue to fight” because “that’s what Stacey would do.”

Social media users delivered biting commentary on Stacey Abrams and the fact that this amounts to the first time she concedes.

Conservative pundit Allie Beth Stuckey pointed out that being a media darling doesn’t necessarily lead to political wins.

“Stacey Abrams’s loss is yet another reminder that most people *do not care* about celebrity or media support,” she wrote. “She had every influencer in her pocket and STILL LOST. Good riddance.”

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President of the Election Denier Club

Stacey Abrams’ concession speech marks the end of a time-honored tradition. Her unwillingness to accept defeat has been rivaled only by former President Donald Trump.

Just last year the Gerogia Democrat repeated claims that she had the 2018 election stolen from her and that Brian Kemp wasn’t the true winner.

“Just because you win doesn’t mean you won,” she told those in attendance.

She told supporters at a luncheon in Houston in 2019 that she wasn’t “delusional” mere moments after declaring “we won” the Georgia gubernatorial race.

If that were true, it means she now concedes loss in her imaginary re-election bid, since she “was governor” of Georgia all along.

Abrams has made similar claims – that she won the race for governor in 2018, despite election results showing she was soundly defeated.

Her unwillingness to accept reality hit legendary status just last month when she had a lawsuit alleging “gross mismanagement” of Georgia’s elections tossed out by a federal judge appointed by former President Barack Obama.

She declared the loss to be a “hard-won victory” anyway.

In other words, before Trump’s ‘Big Lie,’ there was Stacey Abrams’ ‘Big Lies.’

And while she finally concedes a race, we take comfort in knowing she will continue in her vital role as the fictional President of Earth.

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