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Spoiled College Brats Make THIS INSANE Demand About ‘Unfair Grades’… America Is Doomed

college grades
In yet another example of how our nation’s colleges are churning out precious snowflakes who are woefully unprepared to deal with real life, Oberlin students demanded something unbelievable.

They actually asked that professors ban all letter grades below a “C.”

And wait until you hear why they wanted it to be done:

This is so pathetic.

Not only are they demanding that standards be lowered so that they can protest, but they’re so damn lazy that they can’t even make the sacrifice of doing what they believe in and their coursework at the same time. It’s amazing that the top colleges in America are now producing some of the most lazy and worthless adults among us.

What do you think? Are these students coddled too much? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!