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‘Soviet-Style Process’: Scalise, Jordan Rip Schiff Over Alleged Obstruction Of Witnesses

Shelby Talcott on October 29, 2019

Republican congressmen ripped into House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff Tuesday following a White House national security officer’s testimony regarding the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise told reporters Tuesday that the impeachment inquiry is a “one-sided, Soviet-style process.” He was joined by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and added that this was the only impeachment inquiry “in the history of our country” that was taking place behind closed doors and under such strict rules.

The two lawmakers went after Schiff after Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s testimony Tuesday, where he was expected to talk about how he objected and reported concerns about Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. They accused Democrats of blocking witnesses from answering questions.

“This is an impeachment inquiry. And, in fact, Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi’s resolution confirms that it’s an impeachment inquiry, yet every other impeachment inquiry we’ve had have in the history of our country – all three – have allowed both sides to call witnesses. Have allowed the White House to participate,” Scalise told reporters. “That’s not happening right now.”


“They’re trying to impeach a president behind closed doors without due process,” Scalise continued.

Jordan continued on, adding that Schiff prevented the lawmakers from asking the whistleblower who he spoke to and asserting that the chairman “has prevented the witness from answering certain questions we have during the deposition.”

“When we asked the whistleblower who he spoke to after important events in July, Adam Schiff said ‘no, no, no, we’re not going to let him answer this question…Look, Democrats run out and say, ‘oh, the Republicans are trying to figure out who the whistleblower is.’ We’re trying to figure out who the witness is.

The Ohio lawmaker noted that knowing who the witnesses are is important so that America “can get the facts” and “the truth.”

“It seems interesting to me that chairman Schiff is so sensitive,” Jordan said.

Schiff objected to a line of questioning from Republican lawmakers Tuesday, with Democrats contending that it was an effort by conservatives to figure out who the whistleblower is, CNN reported. Republicans pushed back and alleged that they were simply trying to get information on who Vindman spoke with.

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  • yeah, show it by voting all the demon-rats out of any type of office they could hold, even a dog catchers.

  • They are playing a political head game. Trying to stir up so much BS people forget about real problems like HRC, BHO, Soros and their ties to the $$ and Biden and Russia/China.. and trying to make people get "used to " and "just accept" them doing whatever they want, be it legal or not.

    Like, having it go from Inquiry to Trial phase at about 0130 some morning. Drag in DJT's attorneys but refuse to let them ask questions. Decree DJT guilty, bring up trained / intimidated witnesses to agree and sign off on the gov'ts conclusions. Send the Sergeant at Arms over to Trumps residence, at 0145 give him a chance to "come clean and admit Pelosi and HRC and Schiff are right" so he can save face and do honor for the country, before executing him at 0200. Concurrently the rest of the DJT cabinet is scooped up by various other military and taken to Gitmo bay for for further interrogation / debriefing before they too simply fall off the radar. This leaves Pelosi as acting POTUS, and whe will of course execute the pre agreed arrangement naming HRC as rightful POTUS or Regent of the US.

    Yep. I'd bet this is exactly the KIND of thing the left will do if we let them.
    Bolshevik? American Style?
    ARTICLE V of the USC, now.

  • Right! When are we going to see those FISA warrants. Hopefully that will shut up a few of the Democrats.

    Here are 10 Key Takeaways from the Released FISA Warrants Against Carter Page

    1. The State Department Had Its Fingers In this Mess
    2. The Applications Relied Heavily on the Steele Dossier
    3. The FBI Paid Christopher Steele
    4. Warrants Relied On Hearsay from Tertiary Sources
    5. The DOJ Used News Outlets to Establish Probable Cause
    6. The DOJ Effectively Criminalized GOP Foreign Policy
    7. Why Were the Dates Redacted?
    8. The FISA Applications Didn’t Establish Probable Cause
    9. The FISA Court Clearly Needs Revamping
    10. Heavy Redactions Will Give Dems Cover

  • And if the liberals/Democrats in this country don't see that, then I feel sorry for them, their children and grandchildren, because what they're doing to this president will DESTROY this country forever.

  • They have NO evidence and NO crime. These "witnesses" are only confirming the conversation we already know the content of and that there is no crime iin that phone call. Disgraceful.

  • Schiff should not be conducting this inquiry, it should be in the Judiciary. Further, he should recuse himself because he lied when he said he did not know who the so-called "whistle blower" was when he admitted his staff had already talked to him. Schiff is one of the most openly untruthful LIARS there is in Congress, and that is saying a lot. Now as for this "witness" first of all, he has disrespected his Commander in Chief and gone outside the chain of command to a foreign government to discuss classified information, that makes him a potential spy. The question asked MUST be answered. We don't care if it leads to the whistle blower because there is no RIGHT for a whistle blower's identity to be kept secret. Their only right is to not suffer retribution, IF they are truly a whistle blower and not a Democrat/Socialist trying to bring down a duly elected President.

  • I think our Senators and Congress reps don't give a damn what we think, otherwise this charade would NEVER have gotten off the launch pad. They know what we think.

  • To recall, in part, a recent quote "The dirty Democrats" could impeach a ham sandwich with this process.

  • If Schiff can control which witnesses and testimony is allowable, I assume the senate can do the same. So they should institute rules somewhat the same. They can start by disallowing any testimony or evidence from the house since it was obtained under very questionable circumstances. Then disallow any questions from democrat senators, disallow democrat witnesses, and order the democrat senators to remain silent in the trial or be removed from the chambers. If removed, they would lose their right to vote on impeachment since they missed testimony. Also require them not to discuss any part of the trial with the media, just as if they were sequestered.

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