Southern Border Crossings Hit All Time Record. This Is A National Security Crisis

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

We seem to be breaking all sorts of records lately, although perhaps not the ones we wish to be breaking. From crime rates to homelessness, we keep aiming for higher and higher numbers.

The southern border is no exception to this phenomenon, with illegal crossing encounters surpassing two million for the first time, with one more month left in the fiscal year to go.

But as the Vice President said, the border is secure, so why do we keep talking about it?

As much as the Biden administration would like to make us believe that there is nothing to see at the border other than cruel Republican politicians and tumbleweed, we are facing an untenable crisis down Mexico way.

The longer we ignore it, the more dangerous it becomes. Before diving into the dangers that lurk down south, let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

By The Numbers

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported that last month there were 203,598 illegal immigrant “encounters” at the southern border – in other words, people trying to cross the border illegally and coming into contact with U.S. officials. But, unfortunately, that’s just the number they know of; there isn’t a mechanism to capture the number of ‘gotaways.’ 

Gotaways are those that, just as the name entails, got away clean. Over the border and into the interior of the country.

Last month’s numbers bring the total number of encounters for Fiscal Year 2022 to an unthinkable 2,150,370, with one more month to go.

The last time that we broke the record on encounters at the southern border was just the previous Fiscal Year when we surpassed 1.7 million. That’s an increase of 450,000 more migrants or the equivalent of two months worth of migrants that came in this year.

There have been some months where the CBP has recorded 8,000 illegal immigrants in one day apprehended at the border. If that were to be the daily standard, that would mean each week, 56,000 would be taken in at the border.

So let’s see here, in the 11 months of this fiscal year, we have had 2,150,370 encounters. So let’s compare that to some other numbers.

Think of it this way, we have the equivalent of the city of Houston pouring into our southern border. The world condemned, and rightfully so, the invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

We have 14 times the amount of people invading our southern border. Or, to put it another way, the equivalent of the Chinese active duty military has bombarded the border.

The number of people who have attempted to cross is greater than the total populations of 15 entire states: New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Did anyone vote for this? Do the American people get a say in it?

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This Is Fine, It’s Fine, Everything Is Fine

The Biden administration that loves to tout science doesn’t seem to enjoy mathematics so much. If you ask them, they argue that the numbers are distorted because 22% of the migrants apprehended are repeats.

Apparently, it should make us feel better that after we catch migrants attempting to cross our border illegally, they are in no way deterred and turn around and come right back. I know that makes me feel better; doesn’t it make you feel better?

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre figures we should be celebrating all they’ve done for the border, stating:

“More individuals encountered at the border will be removed or expelled this year than in any previous year.”

Is that because border patrol is better at apprehending and removing illegal immigrants? Or is it merely because there are that many more taking the trek?

Depending on what news source you watch or read, Republican Governors Greg Abbott from Texas and Ron DeSantis from Florida have started bussing and flying migrants to Democratic cities out of frustration or to make political points. I would argue it’s probably a bit of both.

Others have gone even farther in their allegations against the two Governors. Let’s take a look at what they are saying.

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Detached From Reality

The Mayors of Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C. have all called the busing of migrants by Governor Abbott to their cities ‘inhumane.’ I find it astounding that these allegedly highly educated individuals can stand at their podiums and say with a straight face that busing migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities is inhumane.

But the Democrats really flipped their lid when Governor DeSantis reportedly flew 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, proving that our education system is in desperate need of revamping, called the action equivalent to “crimes against humanity.” 

Proving that her shame knows no boundaries, former failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agreed with the talking heads at MSNBC that Governor DeSantis sending 50 migrants by plane to Martha’s Vineyard was “literally human trafficking.” It literally is not.

Coyotes rooking people for thousands of dollars for their assistance in illegally crossing the border of a sovereign nation? That is human trafficking.

Jay Jurden on Jon Stewart’s YouTube channel quipped:

“I don’t want to make this racial again, but the – the country has a history of putting nonwhite people on vessels and going, ‘Yeah, yeah. It’ll be fun when you get wherever you’re headed.”

With all this talk of crimes against humanity, human trafficking, and other political talking points about what these two Republican Governors have done, I think it’s essential to look at what is happening at the border outside the pure numbers.

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The Dangerous Reality

Catherine Chen, CEO of the Polaris Project – which focuses on ending sex and labor trafficking – said of the rhetoric coming from Democrats that tossing around the term human trafficking when not appropriate in this case ends up:

“…trivializing or erasing survivors’ real, lived experiences.”

Mexico is the top origin country for human trafficking in the United States. Many migrants are told by people who look like them that they will be taken to the United States under false promises. 

Only to be sold and shipped off to cities like Chicago and New York City to either perform sexual activities or labor activities. That literally is human trafficking, and it’s happening every day at our southern border.

Last month officials apprehended eight people associated with a human trafficking ring at the border that is believed to have made a net profit this year of $2.3 million. A border official said that the border had become a:

“giant, multibillion-dollar piece of a sprawling puzzle connecting drug trafficking and criminal activity.”

Speaking of drugs, fentanyl pours into our country through the southern border at alarming rates, and has become the leading cause of death among adults 18 to 45. And as if parents didn’t have enough to worry about with Halloween coming up soon and razor blades hidden in candy bars, now there is a new hidden danger waiting to kill their children: rainbow fentanyl.

Rainbow fentanyl looks like a sweet-tart or a smartie. Only it will kill your child in minutes after ingestion.

As Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner said of the fentanyl crisis:

“It’s quite frankly a tsunami of death that is crashing into the United States over our southern border.”

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Dick Moves

I like numbers, so let’s round this discussion out with a few more. So far, there have been 78 apprehended at our southern border who were on the terrorist screening list. 

How many potential terrorists were not caught?

In June, 53 migrants were killed when smugglers packed them into a tractor-trailer with a failed cooling system. So far, 750 migrants have died trying to illegally cross our border.

Last fiscal year, 557 migrants died. Talk to me again about what is inhumane Mayor Adams, Mayor Lightfoot, and Mayor Bowser.

Good old Hillary Clinton painted quite the picture on MSNBC of how she believes most Americans react to migrants, stating:

“They’ll feed them and house them and the kids in the A.P. Spanish class will be let out of high school so they can go translate.”

But that’s not what happened at Martha’s Vineyard. Within 48 hours they had the Massachusetts National Guard remove the migrants from the island.

I guess there must’ve been a test in A.P. Spanish that day. Jon Stewart said on his YouTube channel that:

“…it’s very obvious at this point that the path to Republican power lies in dickishness.”

Perhaps, but I’d say the Democrats have proven to be rather dickish. It’s a pretty dick move to pretend everything is fine at the border as hundreds die, countless others get sold into modern day slavery, and adults get poisoned by fentanyl.

I do agree with Jon on this point:

“…this country does a shitty job of taking care of the people that are already here.”

Excellent point Jon. Perhaps somebody should do something about it?

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