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MSNBC Guest Cites Wrong State While Slamming Tax Reform

Nick Givas on August 1, 2017

New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin passionately spoke against tax cuts on MSNBC Live Tuesday, but cited the wrong state in his example.

Sorkin was debating the president of Americans for Prosperity, Tim Phillips, over the merits of tax cuts on the federal level.

Phillips said that “lowering rates and simplifying the [tax] code” would provide fiscal relief for couples and families on the bottom rung, causing Phillips to quickly react to his statements.

“Hold on, the current tax code is hurting the poorest people in America? Explain that though! Half of them are not paying, they’re not paying any taxes,” Sorkin said.

Phillips maintained that lowering the tax rate would translate into economic growth, to which Sorkin replied, “look what happened in Kentucky! Sorry, Kansas. Geez Louise … I happily embarrassed myself but it’s a good example.”

Sorkin was referring to dramatic tax cuts initiated by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in 2012 that backfired when the legislature was forced to pass emergency tax increases last month to cover the budget. Brownback tried to veto the legislation but was overridden.

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