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As Soon as Debate Starts, THIS is What Hillary Will Do…. (MUST SEE)


Tonight will be a debate for the history books. It will be the most important and dramatic debate perhaps of our lifetimes.

Hillary, who is sinking in the polls quickly, is fighting for her political life. She will quickly call Donald Trump a “racist”, “sexist” and other unfair labels. Hillary is ready to play into the stereotypes the liberal media has developed about the GOP Presidential nominee.

This cartoon describes it perfectly:
via Comically Incorrect

Hillary Clinton will say horrible things and continue insulting our country and police officers. But no matter what she says, the media will support her. That’s because Trump’s conservative views are unacceptable to the global elites.

Hillary wants to destroy Trump’s character and embarrass him. She is shameless and Trump has to be ready to fight back.

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