If they are in the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard… our brave men and women have sworn an oath to protect America from all enemies. Because they have always defended our liberty, we owe them a debt we can never repay.

While serving in the military, the friendships they make last a lifetime. It brings new meaning to the words “sister” and brother”… Because their brothers and sisters in arms are the same that will save their lives… And probably multiple times. That makes them more than co-workers. After all, war is hell, and keeping their brothers and sisters safe makes them as close as any family could be.

The pressure of fighting in battle is excruciating, which is why this beautiful song – along with the photos – made tears come from my eyes.

The song is “Hey Brother” by Avicii… And you’ll never think of the song in the same way after seeing it in this new light. God bless the men and women in uniform who have made America what it is today!

H/T: QPolitical

God bless our troops who risk and sacrifice it all for America! Every day, husbands and wives in America wait and pray as their spouses go overseas to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) and other hostile regimes. They give so much. They deserve a pay raise and our ultimate respect. May Jesus protect them all.

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