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Something Unusual Was Spotted on Sean Spicer’s Arm During Trump White House Briefing

The media and journalists can’t stop talking about the White House’s new Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. He’s combative, and willing to defend his boss against endless attacks by a biased anti-Trump media.

But during his recent press briefings this week, reporters seem to have missed something very important: His wrist!

When Sean isn’t busy putting liberal reporters in their place, he is a proud father. That’s why on his wrist is a beaded bracelet which spells out “DAD.” He has two children and the braclet, which is rainbow-colored, was made by his son.

This is fantastic:

Sean was spotted wearing it at the inauguration:

And here he is wearing it next to another Trump-defending “Sean”… Sean Hannity:

And here’s a close shot:

sean spicer bracelet

Sean is clearly wearing it as a reminder of what’s truly important in life: his family. It is a simple, understated reminder that while these press briefings get contentious, his focus is always to his family.

A beautiful sight to see on such a public figure, and it should be a reminder for all of us to have our priorities straight.

What do you think about Sean Spicer’s “DAD” braclet? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.