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Something STRANGE Has Happened To 130,000 Of Obama’s Refugees – WHOA!

Obama's Refugees

Government officials in Germany have confirmed that they do not know the whereabouts of over 130,000 Muslim refugees!

The government shockingly confirmed this statistic during a question in Parliament yesterday. Officials are concerned because they have no idea if they left for other European countries, or they have disappeared into the Islamic radical underground.

This number was calculated by Germany’s chief migration officer Frank-Jurgen Weise, who also noted his country has approximately 400,000 refugees… and they don’t know any of their identities.

Germany asked the European Union (EU) to take back refugees for roughly 1 in every 10 applications. The rest exist in Germany, where they are a danger to citizens:

This system is set for an overhaul as it proves unworkable – last month showed Greece saw 21 times more migrants arrive on its shores than in January 2015.

This week the government passed a package of new and tighter laws on asylum which goes before the upper house of parliament on Friday for ratification.

The legislation aims to speed up asylum procedures and make it easier to deport migrants denied the right to settle with some asylum-seekers having to wait two years before they can have family members join them in Germany.

Although Germans were told to brace this week for a possible 2.6 million more refugees by 2020, the numbers arriving at its borders have slumped dramatically in recent days with as few as 150 turning up on the frontier with Austria.

Via The Daily Mail

This means in the last 14 months, 13% of the Muslim refugees arriving in Germany are nowhere to be found!

President Barack Obama has been supportive of Muslim refugees leaving their native countries. Not only does he support their movement across Europe, he wants to import countless thousands of refugees onto American soil, without background checks!

There is no way to separate out those who are truly in need from those who are Islamic terrorists. America can’t take that chance. It’s clear that once they would arrive in America, thousands would disappear just like what happened in Germany. This is freighting!

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