choom gang

Before the 2008 election of President Barack Obama, the media didn’t look into his background. Seven years later, there are countless questions about his life that have never been answered.

What recently came to light is a detail about Obama’s past that he didn’t want ANYONE to know.

Typically, people put in their high school yearbook dedication a kind note that friends and mentors will understand. It’s a long-standing American tradition, but Obama used his yearbook for something else!

Obama gave a shout out to the “Choom Gang,” which were a group of a drug dealers and users at Punahou School. “To choom” is slang for smoking marijuana.

choom gang
The “Ray” mentioned was a drug dealer who lived in a warehouse and was later killed by his gay boyfriend.

Obama also invented a way to absorb as much of the marijuana as possible by holding the smoke in his lungs. He also promoted a strategy of closing all the car windows so none of the smoke would go to waste, while all the smoke was re-inhaled.

Obama is an embarrassment, and always has been!

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