There is no question that famous singer Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are Obama-supporting activists. But people are noticing something about a hidden message Beyonce sent during tonight’s Super Bowl Half Time performance.

With Coldplay and Bruno Mars, Beyonce introduced her new song- which is called “Formation.” That song is a tribute to the radical Black Lives Movement, as you can see in the music video (below):

The story shows Beyonce on top of a cop car in New Orelans years after Hurricane Katrina.

The screen is covered with the words “Stop Shooting Us” and shows black children wearing hoodies. Pathetic!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been supportive of the violent Black Lives movement, and spent thousands to bail people out of prison during the deadly Baltimore, MD riots.

But our police deserve respect! And the NFL should be embarrassed that Beyonce was allowed to send this pro-Black Lives Matter message out to more than 100 million viewers.

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