By David Kamioner | February 13, 2020

In a follow up to a recent story, Bernie Sanders responded to political legend James Carville’s criticism of his campaign as “a cult” by cleverly and originally labeling Carville “a hack.”

Carville, who led many successful political efforts including winning two runs for the White House, was commenting on Sanders’ chances against Trump in November. Sanders’ tried to pivot to set Carville up as a member of “the establishment.”

He did that because Carville is talking about politics, not government. But since Sanders knows Carville is right, he is nationally unelectable, Sanders tried to change the subject.

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And it is amusing the way some people throw around the term “the establishment,” as if their “establishment” wouldn’t take over from those of their beaten opponents. If you’re losing then the “establishment” is against you. If you’re winning but need a scapegoat on a particular issue then “the establishment” is to blame.

If Sanders can’t get over using dated 60s hippie phraseology like “the establishment,” soon he’ll be saying he “tells it like it is,” will be calling Mike Bloomberg “a turkey,” and saying his run is trying to “stick to the man.” And anyway, there’s another candidate who’s better at that last one.

What Sanders also knows is that Carville is essentially right, just not in the way he meant. Sanders does belong to a cult and it is called socialism. Perhaps the bloodiest cult of all time and certainly the biggest political killer of the 20th century.

It sports cult leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and Castro in it’s mass murderers line up and has made itself so thoroughly despised that its main advocate, the Soviets, now practice Wild West capitalism. The other classic red player, China, dropped socialism decades ago and subsequently is the world’s number two economy behind us.

But here in America and in certain primitive parts of Europe socialism still holds sway with the chattering classes. And no one chatters like a socialist engaged in a political rant.

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Carville can rest easy he has done his best to try and warn his fellow Dems off the lemming-like course of nominating Sanders. So if they follow through with it and get beaten like a rug they have only themselves to blame.

But they won’t take the responsibility. It’ll be the fault of “the establishment.”

If only…

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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