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Socialist Bernie Sanders Tweets Why He’s REALLY Running For President (SHOCK)


Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), at age 74, poses a serious threat to the Democrat Party establishment and Hillary Clinton.

Running on a plan to raise everyone’s taxes, Sanders has said some ridiculous things on Twitter before. But THIS (below) should automatically disqualify him from EVER being President of the United States.

I can’t believe he really wrote this. WOW!

A serious candidate for President is willing to call illegal aliens – the same criminals who break America’s immigration laws – “undocumented workers.”

These illegals are not living in shadows. Instead, they are taken care of in sanctuary cities, and provided free housing, health care, food, and other taxpayer-funded services while their children become American citizens.

Illegal aliens receive many of benefits of being an actual American, without ever paying taxes.

And while Sanders has made it his mission to tear down job-creating companies, he’s also promising to take care of all illegal aliens on American soil… at the expense of hard working Americans and immigrants who followed the law.

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