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Woman’s Sign on Four Reasons To Be a Socialist Goes Viral

Normally, we wouldn’t publish a top ANYTHING list of reasons to be a socialist, but in this case we’re willing to make an exception.

A protester standing outside the Missouri University of Science and Technology can be seen in the photo below, holding up a sign that checks off the top four ‘reasons to be a socialist.’

It is as accurate a list as any we’ve seen, and something that socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders would be unable to refute.

It is thorough, and it is …

… blank?

But of course – There are no good reasons to be a socialist.

The sign appears to be the product of Turning Point USA, an organization whose mission “is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.”

They also produce a whole host of ‘socialism sucks‘ products and clothing, a statement as equally accurate as the above checklist.

Legendary Dodger baseball announcer Vin Scully voiced his absolute disdain for socialism and how it sucks during a live broadcast in his final season.

“Socialism, failing to work as it always does, this time in Venezuela,” Scully explained. “You talk about giving everybody something free, and all of a sudden there’s no food to eat.”

“And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela – the daughter of Hugo Chavez,” he said without missing a beat on calling the game. “Hello, anyway 0 and 2.”

Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov also has taken a shot at Bernie supporters, who purport to be big fans of socialism, telling them “Don’t lecture me about socialism, I lived through it.”

“Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there,” he wrote. “In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty.”

It looks like everybody is in agreement – any checklist of the virtues of socialism should be completely blank.

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