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Single Mother Given Four-Bedroom Home She Was Sent to Clean

Thirty-six-year-old Cara Simmons, a single mother from Cleveland Heights, was the “victim” of a “Prank it Forward” stunt created by a group called DEFY media. Simmons was sent to what she was told was a client’s home by her employer, Maid Brite, to allegedly help prepare the house for a party. Instead, she ended up eating a gourmet meal, upgrading her personal wardrobe, and best of all, learned that the house she’d been sent to clean was actually hers to keep.

According to Spotlight Stories,

Simmons, is a single mother of three and has taken on multiple jobs to support her family. Little did she know — one job was going to completely change her life.
Simmons is a loving mother who would do absolutely anything to support her children. Working hard as a housekeeper, she never once took a vacation or a day off. She felt the weight of the world on her shoulders and yet continued to persevere.

Sadly, Simmons worked herself so hard that she ended up being hospitalized multiple times with stomach ulcers due to stress. Despite all of this, she never once stopped working when she could to take care of her three kids.

Simmons’ employer, Maid Bright, knew how much she had gone through and wanted to do something special. They decided to send her to the house of someone “very important.”
A woman named Madeline Blue greeted Simmons at the front door of the beautiful home and Simmons immediately got to work. After all the cleaning was done, Blue informed Simmons that she had quite a bit more for her to do around the house. As it turns out — there was going to be a big party that evening.

You have to watch her reaction below:

I love a great heartwarming story like that! Between all the crazy political news, stories with a positive message always make me feel better.

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