Side-Splitting Sunday: Man Arrested After Watering Lawn NAKED!

Friday funny
Here’s a funny item for you: The above crazy naked man with tattoos and writing all over his body was arrested this week after police were called to his home when neighbors reported him watering his lawn in the nude.

When police arrived, he was sitting down drinking a beer, but when they asked him to put on clothes he threw a beer bottle and threatened to shoot them. What happened next got even crazier:

[Robert] Lopez put on a pair of shorts and went inside his house. When he came out, he was carrying a knife with an eight-inch blade. Lopez took several steps towards the deputy, who by now was armed with his rifle. The deputy told Lopez to stop and drop the knife or he would be shot.

Lopez dropped the knife but continued shouting threats at the deputy. He then picked up the knife and threw it at the deputy, hitting the fence instead.

More deputies arrived at the scene and one of them shot Lopez in the stomach with a bean bag round. Lopez fell to the ground and deputies took him into custody.

We’ll soon forget that Lopez was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, resisting arrest and a misdemeanor for indecent exposure, but that hilarious booking photo will live on forever in our memories.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Also, enjoy the news report on this wild incident and try not to laugh:

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