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Shooting Reported Outside of Paris – 3 Wounded 1 Critically

We are hearing reports of a possible shooting and massive police presence in the suburb Dammarie-Les-Lys outside of Paris, France.


It comes on the day that Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated as President of the country. At 39, Macron is the youngest leader of an EU or G7 nation and rode a wave of “radical centrism” against far-right anti-immigration leader Marie Le Pen.

There are no reports yet that this is tied to terrorism or the inauguration of President Macron. French publication Le Republique is reporting that shots were fired while a group of youths was gathering in a town square.

Dammarie-les-Lys has a history of civil unrest and conflicts between citizens and the police.

Paris’ suburbs have been hubs of crime and terrorism among the massive immigrant populations there. Even within Paris, there are infamous “no-go zones” that police have completely abandoned and left to Sharia law.


Europe, in general, is facing a crisis as Islamic immigrants flood and take over whole neighborhoods.


As the Islamic population rises, Europeans are increasingly not onboard with the spreading of the religion.


In the coming years, Europe will have to decide its fate and how they want to handle the spread of Islamic values and sharia law.

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