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A SHOCKING Donald Trump Interview from 2000 Has Been Discovered – Liberals Are FURIOUS!

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Hillary Clinton and Democrats have tried to portray Donald Trump as a hateful, bigoted, and mean-spirited guy.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Over the years, Trump has hired thousands of people of different races and lifestyle choices. Now, an interview Trump gave in 2000 has re-surfaced showing that instead of harboring resentment toward gays, Trump supports their Constitutional rights.

What makes it more shocking is Trump gave this interview during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Liberals are furious about THIS!

Why should gays and lesbians be interested in you as a presidential candidate?

[Trump:] I grew up in New York City, a town with different races, religions, and peoples. It breeds tolerance. In all truth, I don’t care whether or not a person is gay. I judge people based on their capability, honesty, and merit. Being in the entertainment business — that is, owning casinos and … several large beauty pageants — I’ve worked with many gay people. I have met some tough, talented, capable, terrific people. Their lifestyle is of no interest to me.

Would we see gay people in a Trump administration?

[Trump:] I would want the best and brightest. Sexual orientation would be meaningless. I’m looking for brains and experience. If the best person for the job happens to be gay, I would certainly appoint them. One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace, good people don’t go into government. I’d want to change that.

What would you do to combat antigay prejudice?

[Trump:] I like the idea of amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include a ban of discrimination based on sexual orientation. It would be simple. It would be straightforward. We don’t need to rewrite the laws currently on the books, although I do think we need to address hate-crimes legislation. But amending the Civil Rights Act would grant the same protection to gay people that we give to other Americans — it’s only fair. I actually suggested this first, and now I see [Democratic presidential candidate] Bill Bradley has jumped on the bandwagon and is claiming the idea as his own. [A bill to amend the Civil Rights Act that would have included protections on the basis of sexual orientation was first introduced in the 1970s. — Ed.] Let me tell you something. Bradley is as phony as a $20 Rolex. He says the president ought to have big ideas. His last big idea — the 1986 [Tax Reform Act] — caused a recession and cost thousands of people their jobs. This guy destroyed the real estate industry, and he tanked the S&Ls. It was a disaster. Bradley walked out of the Senate like he was some kind of statesman declaring that “politics is broken.” The truth is, the voters were going to dump him in New Jersey. He walked away. Now he poses as some kind of outsider. What a joke. Bradley was a member of the Senate Finance Committee and a longtime part of Washington establishment. When I was $900 million and my companies were $9 billion in debt, I didn’t walk away. While others were declaring bankruptcy, I clawed my way back. My businesses are now bigger and better than ever.

Are your gay employees allowed to be out?

[Trump:] Everyone makes a personal choice. Look, it just doesn’t matter to me. I try to treat everybody equal and fairly. Maybe that’s why I can count men like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Sammy Sosa as my friends. When you hang with people who are different from you, you get an appreciation for other cultures.

Via The Advocate

It’s clear that Donald Trump is laser-focused on creating jobs and “making America great again” that he’s leaving social issues to the side. The Supreme Court has made some massive – and probably incorrect – rulings over gay marriage. But after 8 years of Obama in the White House, Trump is ready to clean up the mess he has made.

There is absolutely no justification to say Trump is anti-gay. When Trump said he will be everyone’s president, he meant it!

What do you think about this re-discovered interview with Trump from 2000? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.