Shocker: MSNBC Reporter Catches Obama Lackey’s Lies On Air–and Corrects Him


And now in today’s edition of Sometimes Even MSNBC Calls Out An Obama Lackey For Lying (which incidentally will be the first and last edition), reporter Chris Jansing called out White House press secretary Josh Earnest for trying to lie about the President’s comments that Republicans are the same as Iranians chanting “death to America!”

In fact, when Earnest tried getting one over on Jansing she immediately responded that “no, it wasn’t” true and proceeded to read back the quote for him.

Via The Blaze:

When Earnest defended Obama’s assertion that hardliners in Iran and GOP lawmakers are both against the current nuclear deal, Jansing clarified what the president actually said.

“He said, ‘these are folks who are chanting death to America’ — he added that little phrase in there,” Jansing said.

“Well, but that was a different part of it,” Earnest claimed.

The reporter immediately interrupted, “No, it wasn’t — I’ll read you the quote.” Then she did:

“It’s those hardliners chanting ‘death to America’ who have been most opposed to the deal, they’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.”

“It was all one sentence,” Jansing added, hammering her point home.

Watch the exchange below …

Joe Scarborough, who was also on the panel, praised Jansing for being prepared and having the quote written down. Of course, in an ideal world, most journalists would be expected to have their facts straight and challenge the administration – just maybe not those employed by MSNBC.

Syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer, recently referred to the Obama’s comments as “a new low” for the President.

Kudos to Jansing for making sure the press secretary couldn’t get away with rewriting his low, despicable comments.

Comment:  Is Ernest simply trying to do damage control, or has he spent so long stretching the truth for the President that he no longer recognizes when he’s lying?

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