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Shocking Report: Police Are Preparing For Ferguson-Style Rioting After The Superbowl

Baltimore riots

Police around the country are preparing for the absolute worst to come after the Superbowl tonight.

Many municipalities, especially Denver, are expecting mass Ferguson-style rioting and looting to take place after the game, regardless of the outcome.

Denver police have issued a warning to all citizens:

Extra officers, many working on their days off, will be patrolling areas notorious for rowdy crowds on Sunday, Cmdr. Rick Kyle said. Without revealing specifics, Kyle said Friday that police have learned lessons from past Super Bowl wins that ended with riots, property damage and arrests.

“Certain people use that as an excuse to act out. I personally can’t understand it. I believe in celebrating responsibility having a good time respecting other people’s property,” said Kyle.

Watch the report on how our brave men and women in blue are preparing for thuggery

Let’s hope everyone is safe tonight. And that the best team wins!