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SHOCK: Obama White House Wants to CANCEL THANKSGIVING, and Replace it With…


We knew the last years of President Barack Obama’s 2nd term would be the worst. He has no more elections to worry about, and he’s ready to force his radical agenda on America.

Obama doesn’t like America or our Founding Fathers. He has governed as a tyrant, and can’t stand the Christian and European traditions that have made America great.

Now, the Obama White House is focused on BANNING Thanksgiving!

According to a new report, a political activist named Susan Payne was on a conference call run by Cecilia Muñoz, who is Obama’s assistant and director of the Domestic Policy Council. She used to be the legislative director for the radical, pro-amnesty group National Council of La Raza, a group that has regularly attacked Thanksgiving.

The call was set up to inform amnesty activists what to expect with future White House executive orders. However, the call changed course unexpectedly, and they let it slip that Obama plans to stop Thanksgiving! They want to replace it with a new holiday, known as “Immigrant’s Day.”

Payne was ready to “blow her top” after she heard this discussion. She added that liberal activists on the phone were thrilled about the secret plan.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of capitalism, farming, and giving thanks to the Almighty God. We should pray that the Obama White House fails in this horrible attack on Thanksgiving. Nobody is going to stop my turkey dinner… Will they stop yours?

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