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What’s Your Reaction?

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  1. Thomas says:

    Matt be very careful with this Administration. These people have zero integrity and nothing but contempt for Freedom of the press, speech or religion. The Islam backed president receives his gold for knocking down freedom so hard that it will be a miracle if freedom survives the US Constitutional laws that are being skirted with Executive Orders. O is in the mode like, ‘we have taught the computer to think, how long until humans lose control.’
    No harsh criticism or they will show up at your door. They came right to my door and went right inside and shut me down. They will do it. Freedom of speech no longer exists for private people. Maybe for big business. Coming to my house, I’m no one, disabled, aphasia, fibromyalgia, Menieres Disease, diabetes. I’m day to day. Matt, run. Take your millions and run.

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