America’s Sheriff, David Clarke, is unafraid to make the big statements. Whether it be about gun control or “Black Lives Matter” he is one of the few politicians that is really speaking truth to power on the issues that matter.

With his most recent target, the Democratic party at large (of which he is a member), Clarke makes his strongest and most damming statement yet.

Dems are FURIOUS about this!

via Washington Examiner:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Sunday accused the Democratic Party of “bigotry” that has “decimated the black family.”

Clarke, who has become a leading conservative black voice on gun rights and other issues, was responding to Hillary Clinton’s charge Saturday evening that a Trump presidency would put “more kids at risk of violence and bigotry.”

“If black kids are at risk from anybody, it’s from other black kids in black-on-black crime,” Clarke said. “The bigotry that she’s talking about stems from her party that has decimated the black family. It has kids shackled — black kids shackled — to failing K-12 public schools in urban centers. And it’s where black men in these urban centers can’t find meaningful work.”

This is true. The welfare-state and other policies have destroyed black America. Of course they believe that more government is the solution. Clarke knows the score and understand the real problem: government.

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