Sheriff Joe Arpaio is telling it like it is! And his big announcement speaks to the danger America faces after the deadly Islamic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California. Sheriff Joe made an announcement, where he calls upon all of Arizona’s 250,000 gun owners to actively carry at all times. The criminals and Islamic terrorists don’t know which citizen is carrying a firearm… and that’s the point.

No police force can be available to monitor all activities, which is why it’s essential for Americans to be ready for action in the face of danger! If every gun owner went along with Sheriff Joe’s plan, the Islamic State (ISIS) wouldn’t stand a chance anywhere in America. This is an epic message every American patriot must hear!

Draw your weapons.

That’s what Sheriff Joe Arpaio is urging nearly a quarter-million Arizona gun owners to do to fight terrorism and mass shooters.

On Tuesday, the so-called “Toughest Sheriff in America” said he cannot guarantee the public’s safety and called on them to take matters into their own hands if necessary.

“I’m just talking about the areas where you have large crowds and someone pulls out the gun and starts shooting. Maybe somebody with a concealed weapon takes the guy down,” Arpaio said.

Specifically, Arpaio was looking to the 250,000 Arizonans who carry concealed weapons permits to help keep the peace.

But there are some in law enforcement who are calling this a bad idea.

Steve Henry, chief deputy of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, said untrained gun owners could add to chaotic situations at big events, increasing the risk to innocent bystanders.

“Sometimes it’s not proper to pull the trigger because the collateral damage is not worth it,” Henry said. “We don’t want to walk into a gun fight between anybody, much less a gun fight where people are untrained.”

Arpaio’s comments came in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Mali.

As such, the percentage of Americans who think a terrorist strike is somewhat or very likely to occur in the homeland in the next few months has skyrocketed.

According to a CBS poll, 69 percent of Americans believe an attack is imminent.

Arpaio referred to the terrorist group ISIS, or ISIL, as a reason gun owners should be on the lookout. He also spoke about the Colorado man accused of killing three people at the Planned Parenthood last week.

Had someone been armed, the sheriff said, maybe he or she could have stopped the shooter.

“I’m concerned about what’s going on. Just think about Colorado. If there was someone in there with a concealed weapon that guy would have been shot down,” he said.[…]

Still, it appears to be a rare occurrence. Regardless, Arpiao believes armed citizens is one way to keep the public safe.

“All I’m saying is if it’s controversial, then OK, let it be controversial, but we have to protect the public,” he said.

Watch Sheriff Joe Arpaio explain exactly what Americans need to do to stay safe during future attacks…

Sheriff Joe is right- The deaths in Colorado could have been avoided if more hostages had firearms. The same could be said during that work event in California, where the attacks occurred. We can only protect our liberty if we’re ready to confront evil directly… and stop it.

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