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Scientist Issues Frightening Summer ’16 Warning!

As I’ve discussed before, nature is frightening and should be feared.

I am all about staying away from swamps, forests, fields of tall grass, lakes, streams, etc.

But what about the ocean? Add it to the list.

I know summer means heading to the beach and catching some waves, but this scientist might have scared me off going to the beach for a while. And this warning might make you at least want to stay ON the beach and out of the water!

Via Yahoo:

As the summer beach season opens in the United States, at least one expert is predicting an increase in shark attacks around the world this year that will surpass last year’s record number.

“We should have more bites this year than last,” George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida, said in an interview shortly before the Memorial Day holiday weekend that signals the unofficial start of America’s summer vacation = and beach – season.

In 2015, there were 98 shark attacks, including six fatalities, according to Burgess.

Why the increased bloodshed? Shark populations are slowly recovering from historic lows in the 1990s, the world’s human population has grown and rising temperatures are leading more people to go swimming, Burgess said.

Of course he had to get a “Global Warming” comment in there.

Regardless, that’s all the warning I need to stay out of the water.

Or at least buy a bigger boat!

Are you afraid of shark attacks? Share your thoughts!