Senator Jeanne Shaheen Criticizes President Trump for New Hampshire Comments

President Trump’s private phone calls to leaders of Mexico and Australia were leaked to The Washington Post. But rather than be angry that sensitive information was leaked that could damage national security, New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is upset that Trump referred to her state as a “drug-infested den.” Here was the president’s direct quote:

We have the drug lords in Mexico that are knocking the hell out of our country. They are sending drugs to Chicago, Los Angeles, and to New York. Up in New Hampshire — I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den — is coming from the southern border”

Shaheen is so angry, she took to Twitter to prompt Trump for an apology:

So, she is upset that Trump told the truth and then turns around and admits there is a crisis in her state? That doesn’t make a lick of sense!

But here’s the real question: What is New Hampshire going to do about the drugs while the state leaders spend so much time being outraged at the president?

I guess the truth hurts Democrats when the cover is pulled back and everyone gets to see the mess they’ve been hiding. Sen. Shaheen should be happy that a president is trying to do something about the state’s drug problem, unlike his predecessor, who gave guns to cartel members and ignored the growing opioid crisis.

To make matters worse, Shaheen joined MSNBC Chris Matthews and actually said it was OK for someone to leak Trump’s private phone calls with world leaders. Now that’s just shameful, don’t you agree?

Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

Senator Jeanne Shaheen justifies leaking phone conversations of President Trump! She says that Trump’s tweeting is “a problem” and that it’s a “serious situation”.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Shaheen what she thought of officials leaking the conversations:

“My experience is that when people feel like they need to leak something like that, it’s because they have concerns about what’s going on and I think that’s one of the challenges.”

“When we have a president who tries to make national security policy or foreign policy through tweeting, then we have a problem, and my guess is that’s why people are leaking this kind of information, because they want the public to know how serious this situation is.”

Watch this segment below:

Sorry, Jeanne, there’s no apology forthcoming. If you don’t like Mr. Trump’s New York-style of communication, then you need to get over it or find another job.

The rest of us will go about making America great again.

What do you think of Shaheen’s fake outrage over Trump calling out her state’s nasty drug epidemic? Do you think her feelings were really hurt? Or is she looking for an excuse to blame Trump for something she hasn’t helped fix? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this article to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

Wayne Dupree

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  • Jeanne Shaheen has served two terms in the New Hampshire Senate, three terms as Governor of New Hampshire and two or three terms as United State Senator from New Hampshire. What in the world has she done to (a) prevent this problem; (b) solve this problem; (c) ameliorate this problem?

    Trump did the one thing she has never done: call things by their right name. That the first step toward wisdom. It is a drug den. It is most definitely not an epidemic. The disorder here is addiction. Its source lies in (a) doctor's over prescribing opiates and opioids; and (b) addicts switching to illegal sources of opiates and opioids, including deadly dangerous ones (like fentanyl). Those illegal source are partly controlled by the cartels and their local gangs.

  • As a Trump supporter the cockles of my heart are warmed by comments that come from MSNBC and the Democrats. Please keep talking Mr. Matthews you guarantee 8 years of Trump.

    • Esau, remember all the "MIS-Speaks" of the Progressive Eugenics Socialist party over the past 8 years. If you like your doctor, if you like your plan, and millions of others. They locked in step with the Main Stre4am LIBERAL media and never received any real questions during the 8 years. Now the media with their puppet master George Soros and Hollywood money bags, they are set to try their darnd'est to bring this POTUS Down. I say we stand firm and fight each and every FAKE NEWS story and media outlet tooth and nail

  • Just another goofy liberal whining about other folks trying to help and not even having the decency to get the hell out of the way! What else would one expect from a Liberal Democrat?

  • All talk, no action - typical Democrat. And even the talk is a word salad - there's no epidemic, and we need help to fix the epidemic. How do Granite State voters put a maroon like this in office? Oh, right - they're on drugs . . .

  • Hello form Canada.

    New Hampshire is a drug-infested den.

    I Said it because it's true, and I will not apologize.

  • I guess the still haven't finished draining the swamp! I'm sure he is supposed to have a secure line and why this kind of information is getting out. I they finally catch the leaker, they should have to go away for about 20 years. Of course the democrats think that it is fine unless it is one of their own being leaked.

    • Well, if anybody that lives in that state has any sense she is on her last leg.
      Denying a problem for political reasons and blaming someone else that stated the truth doesn't make the problem go away. This kind of bs is what the dimm libs have brought our country to and still want to act like they can be indignant when someone calls out the truth.

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