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SEX SCANDAL: Christian Quarterback Peyton Manning, CAUGHT!


Peyton Manning has spoken openly about his Christian faith, and the impact it’s had on his incredibly successful career. At age 39, he just lead the Denver Broncos to a victory at Super Bowl 50.

But court records have been uncovered that shows almost two decades before the Super Bowl win, Peyton Manning sexually assaulted his college football trainer Dr. Jamie Naughright. WOW!

The records show that he “places his naked butt and rectum” on her face while she was examining his foot after an injury.

Then, the accusations also included a side note that a book Manning co-authored with his father Archie accused Dr. Naughright of using vulgar language… which wrongfully lead her to be FIRED from her job!

The Mannings eventually settled a defamation lawsuit, but not until after Archie Manning falsely accused the trainer of sleeping with a number of black students athletes.

Details of the alleged assault emerged in the early 2000s when Dr Naughright, a leading trainer with athletes who worked at the University of Tennessee, received a letter from representatives of the Manning family.
Manning and Archie Manning had written a book, in which they accused her of having a ‘vulgar mouth’ and calling young students ‘motherf***ers’.

The book, called Manning, also referred to the incident in the treatment room at the University of Tennessee in 1996, which had led to her leaving the college as part of a settlement agreement.

Manning claimed he had just been mooning one of his teammates and that the whole incident was ‘harmless’.

via Daily Mail

Apparently, a confidentially agreement has been signed. And that agreement kept the doctor from detailing more about her sexual abuse. Allegedly, as Manning was on her face, she had to push his rear end and genitals off her.

She claims manning was laughing and “smirked” when he saw how upset she was after the assault.

What do you think of these bombshell accusations against Peyton Manning? If true, what do they mea for Manning’s career?

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