This Service Dog Is Turning Heads At His Owner’s New Job; It’s A Good Thing!

A Lowe’s home improvement store in Abilene, Texas is warming hearts across the nation with its decision to hire its latest two employees: a disabled veteran and his service dog.

Charlotte is a 10-year-old golden retriever trained to help her companion, Clay Luthy, an Air Force veteran. Due to knee injuries, Luthy has undergone five surgeries and can’t bend his left knee at all. This happens to a lot of veterans, and service dogs provide a huge help physically and emotionally.

From Reporter News:

Charlotte may not know the difference between latex and oil-based paint, but she is eager to please the customer at the southwest Abilene Lowe’s store.

Charlotte, who was “hired” just this fall, is a 10-year-old golden retriever. She brings her pal, Clay Luthy, to work with her.

Clay is an Air Force veteran, a former C-130 loadmaster, who officially was the one hired by Lowe’s. He “blew out” not one but both knees, which since has required five surgeries. He cannot bend his left knee and can slowly work his way down on his right knee to get to items on lower shelves.

Tough stuff for an otherwise sturdy 35-year-old man, who has a wife and three kids to support. But Clay’s story is not a sad one. He makes do, which is a theme at a home improvement center, right?

Besides, who focuses on him?

“Everybody loves Charlotte. This definitely was not part of the job description,” Clay said. When he was hired, no one thought that Charlotte would entertain kids in the tow of parents searching for the right light bulb or considering a new appliance. And when a children is unhappy, it’s Charlotte to the rescue. She calms them just by being Charlotte, the dog.

Lowe’s has always been cool like that. Heck, they even sponsor the 7-time and defending Nascar Champion Jimmie Johnson. Can’t get much more down-home American than that! My wife and I drive 10 miles past a Home Depot to deal with Lowe’s on everything.

Hey Clay, thanks for your service buddy! You are a hero in my eyes. And to Lowe’s: this is just another reason for me to give you my business. Thanks and God bless you both. Oh and Charlotte, too!

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Wayne Dupree

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