Kevin Vickers, the Sergeant-at-Arms who shot dead the Ottawa terrorist, was given a hero’s ovation upon returning to work in the Canadian Parliament. Vickers shot a gunman who had already killed reservist Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa.

Via the Washington Post:

… In multiple news reports, Vickers, 58, is already being hailed as a national hero who eyewitnesses say prevented a massacre that would have been nothing short of a national catastrophe.

By all accounts, the white-haired grandfather, a decorated veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, kept cool amid the chaos as dozens of bullets flew in the corridors, went to his office, retrieved his weapon and with a firm hand and a steely eye shot a killer before he could kill again. Vickers, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, then walked away, gun-in hand, having “taken care of business,” as one news outlet put it.

And then he called his mother to say he was safe.

Lawmakers showed their deepest appreciation for Vickers’ heroism today. Watch …

Incredible.  Here is video of Vickers, as NBC describes, returning “to guard lawmakers from possible other suspects.”

It’s hard to decide which video gives more chills – the emotional standing ovation, or Vickers returning to protect others after risking his own life.

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