The Senate has sent Obama and the Democrats a BIG message about their gun control agenda!

Four bills, none of which would have prevented the Orlando shootings or any other mass shootings, were up for consideration today. All four would only have violated civil rights, something Democrats used to pretend to care about.

More via Washington Examiner:

Senate lawmakers blocked four gun control amendments in procedural votes Monday evening, forcing Senate leaders back to the drawing board just days after a dramatic filibuster and a political agreement to allow the votes after the Orlando massacre.

Monday’s votes showed that while senators are eager to do something about guns, the two parties sharply disagree over exactly what to do, which appears to leave them little room to find a compromise.

The last vote of the night was on a measure authored by Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., that would have given federal authorities the power to block gun purchases by anyone under FBI scrutiny for terrorism within the past five years. However, it was soundly defeated 47-53, and even a slight majority vote wouldn’t have helped, as a 60-vote supermajority was needed to advance it.

Good for the Senate. I’m glad the Constitution and due process still matters to some people!

Instead of focusing on stripping people of their gun rights, we should work on tightening up the FBI’s background check system and work towards identifying those who could potentially do harm.

Do you support gun control efforts? Share your thoughts.

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