Socialist Senator Attacks Priest Over Global Warming – Then He FOUGHT BACK!

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A significant portion of outlets covering this exchange have described it as Senator Barbara Boxer unhinged – rabidly attacking a priest for daring to question global warming. We see it in a slightly different light. The priest in question, Father Robert Sirico, not only holds his own in the argument with Boxer, but actually takes a few solid digs of his own.

The fiery back and forth took place at a hearing about the Pope’s statements on the dangers of man-made “global warming.”

Father Sirico does not believe the Pope should be discussing matters of science from his position. And while Boxer was clearly the aggressor in this verbal back and forth, the priest turned things around quite nicely, sarcastically thanking her for her “defense of the Pope,” demanding she provide quotes when she claimed he said something, and pointing out that another expert she cites is “by the way, not a scientist.”

Bonus segment – a philosopher also being attacked by Boxer explains his research is designed “to help you think more clearly.”

Boxer responds that “You don’t need to teach me to think more clearly.”

At the very last second you can hear the philosopher say “I think I do.”

It’s actually a thing of beauty.

Via the Daily Caller:

California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer went after a Catholic priest in a Wednesday hearing for supposedly questioning the pope’s statements on the dangers of man-made global warming.

“So do you disagree with the pope when he says that climate change is one of the biggest issues,” Boxer asked Father Robert Sirico of the conservative Acton Institute.

“I’m very grateful for your defense of the pope. Perhaps not in all of his magisterial authority and the cherry-picking of this or that,” Sirico tried to respond before being interrupted by Boxer.

“I can ask you what I want,” she said. “Do you disagree with the pope on climate change, it’s a simple yes or no.”

Boxer says she doesn’t appreciate being lectured by people that aren’t scientists. Weasel Zippers has a terrific response: “She is such an obnoxious witch. When did Boxer get her degree in science? And will Boxer be citing the Pope’s view on abortion? Good on Father Sirico and the philosopher.”

Boxer isn’t exactly known as a scholar for her work in California. Case in point – less than 24 hours after the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack was committed in a ‘gun free zone,’ Boxer went on record as saying her state’s strict gun control policies were “working.”

Here she is in her best moments …

Comment: What did you think of Barbara Boxer going unhinged on a priest over global warming? Who won the exchange? Tell us in the comments section.

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