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If You See THIS On ATM Or Credit Card Machine… DON’T SWIPE YOUR CARD!

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Shoppers need to be on alert! In recent months, “skimming” has become a popular way for criminals to steal money with a single swipe of your credit or ATM card.

Thieves have to install a small electronic device on top of credit card readers, and it captures the data from your card’s magnetic strip. They have been spotted at ATM machines, gas stations and grocery stores. But now, they are showing up in Walmart!

Electronic skimmers put on checkout card machines at the Central Park Walmart have compromised shoppers’ debit and credit cards and police are warning potential victims to have their cards replaced.

The Fredericksburg Police Department is reporting that it has information from Walmart’s Global Investigations unit that the debit and credit cards used at the Walmart were likely compromised in March and April.

Police report that 37 local credit union members had large withdrawals made from area ATM machines made with their stolen card numbers, which were obtained by the Walmart skimmer(s).

Via Fredricksburg.com

If you plan on using your credit card or ATM soon, you must watch this report…

Here is what they may look like:

To avoid being skimmed, here are some important tips:

*Know what to look for- if anything seems out of place, unusually bulky, or poorly affixed to the machine, gently tug on it. If it moves or comes away from the ATM, it may be a skimming device.

*Look for hidden cameras- skimming is a two-step process because criminals can also obtain your PIN. This is often done with a pinhole camera hidden on or near the machine. Look for anything that may have a tiny hole or slot for a camera to be placed inside, especially if it’s aimed at the keypad. These devices may be stuck to the top or side of the machine, or placed inside light fixtures above it.

*Know your surroundings- machines with a lot of customers, especially in tourist areas, are most likely to be targeted by criminals. When using an ATM especially, look for one that’s inside a bank or within the sight of a security camera, where scammers would be less likely to take a risk.

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