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If You See An Asterisk At Costco, It Means This! (SHOCKING)


Costco is a popular discount warehouse store, and while standing in line you may have wondered if your “quick shopping trip” actually saved money. After all, it’s easy to roll out with an overflowing shopping cart.

But now it has been revealed just how to get the most out of Costco. These secrets have been revealed… and it’s all about cracking the code on the price tags.

This is how you know you really are getting a deal!

The most important rule is if the number ends in “9”… such as $1.99. While that’s common on their popular items, a different number such as a “7”, means it’s as discounted as it will ever be:

“If an item price ends in a $0.97, that means it’s on clearance — marked down from its original price to sell the remaining stock quicker,” says Matt, the mysterious blogger behind Costco Insider. If it doesn’t sell fast enough and they want the shelf space, they’ll continue to mark it down aggressively as time goes by, always ending in a $0.97. If an item ends in a $0.00 or $0.88, that means it’s a manager’s markdown and likely the last of those items in the store.”

We asked Costco to confirm this information, but they stayed tight-lipped on any of their pricing policies. So the context clues in the price you see in the price might certainly vary by store or circumstance — but they’re still worth looking out for.

Another sign of a bargain is a price ending in “.00” or “.88”.

But what about the secret asterisk (below)? It means that item is about to leave Costco, and will never be stocked again… ever! That means if it’s on a price tag for an item you love, it’s time to buy as much as possible.

Hopefully these helpful tips will help you get the best deal out of Costco while saving money on your next shopping trip.

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