Security Guard Tackles Man With ‘Trump 2020′ Flag After Ordering Him To Leave College’s Bernie Sanders’ Rally

The Trump supporter complied, but was still attacked.

Trump 2020

Disturbing video footage is going viral today showing the moment a security guard at a college rally for Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tackles a man holding a “Trump 2020” flag.

The video opens with the guard telling the Donald Trump supporter to leave the rally, and after some back and forth discussion, the conservative complies.

Despite this, the guard follows the man out to the parking lot at Virginia Wesleyan University in Virginia Beach and proceeds to tackle him to the ground, much to the Trump supporter’s shock and dismay.

“I’m not an aggressive person,” Markus Gohring, the man holding the pro-Trump flag, told WAVY-TV. He added that he had only gone to the rally with some friends to exercise his First Amendment rights.

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“I wanted to tell the people that go there that I’m not with them,” he said.

Gohring stood outside the rally holding his flag for about an hour before security officials approached him.

“I didn’t know who he was, what his authority is, and so I asked who authorizes him to tell [me] that I have to go off-grounds,” Gohring recalled. “We had a little discussion, but he was not approachable in any way.”

At around the 1:20 mark in the video below, you’ll see the unnamed security guard approach Gohring and his friends, telling them to either leave or they’ll be “arrested.” The guard goes so far as to get in Gohring’s face, saying, “Don’t try me. Don’t try me!”

As Gohring and his friends got ready to leave, the guard continued to scream at them, shouting, “Leave! And I’m not gonna tell you again! You’re on my property! This is private property!”

The security guard and his colleagues kept following Gohring and his friends to the parking lot despite the fact that they were complying with their instructions, causing one of the conservatives to say, “You’re very violent, sir.”

“You ain’t seen violent, buddy,” the guard replied ominously.

The video culminates with the guard, who refused to give his name or badge number, violently assaulting Gohring in the parking lot.

“He approached me then from behind and the rest is [on] video,” Gohring said.

The guard first grabs the pole of the Trump flag, causing Gohring to try and pull away. It is then that the guard tackled Gohring to the ground from behind as supporters of Sanders cheered him on.

Gohring was left with scrapes on his knees. He recalled the terror he felt when he saw the guard pull out his baton.

“I saw he was pulling a weapon, and that’s when I ran,” he explained.

Gohring has since lawyered up, hiring attorney Tim Anderson to represent him.

“It was a matter of getting that Trump flag off of that campus property,” Anderson said. “That was the 100-percent motivation of that campus security guard.”

Anderson went on to add that he will be pressing assault charges against the officer as soon as he finds out his name.

“Well, there’s consequences to actions, and so we are going to explore those consequences,” Anderson said. “There are criminal and civil actions that are going to be explored here.”

Virginia Wesleyan spokeswoman Stephanie Smaglo released a statement indicating that the school is standing by the officer, saying that Gohring was “disruptive” and that the video above “does not depict the preceding actions of the individual that necessitated the officer to take action.”

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When asked if she could reveal what Gohring supposedly did that wasn’t on the video, Smaglo repealed, “both sides now have legal representation, and as such, the university can unfortunately provide no further comment.”

We’re willing to bet that Gohring actually did nothing wrong, and that his only “crime” was being a proud Trump supporter in a liberal “safe space.” In the eyes of the left, just being a supporter of the president is “triggering” enough that Gohring would deserve any assault that comes his way.

Videos like this serve as a reminder that Trump supporters are in danger every day in this country. The liberal media likes to make it look like Trump voters are the crazed violent ones, but as you can see, it’s the liberal radicals that you really need to watch out for.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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