It’s no surprise to most Americans that the left despises guns and gun owners across America. If it were up to liberals, the Second Amendment and the right to bears arms would not exist and millions of Americans would be left defenseless against criminals.

Millions of Americans across this country own guns as a means of personal protection, and if recent events prove anything, we need the Second Amendment more than anything.

Take last week for example when far-left radicals rioted on the campus of UC-Berkeley to protest the appearance of conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. The rioters turned so violent, setting property on fire, breaking windows and assaulting individuals, that the Republican-organized event had to be cancelled altogether.

This violent action by liberals is just one of many examples of the importance of the Second Amendment, as conservatives and millions of other Americans need to protect themselves from such violence.

One meme perfectly sums up the need for guns in America given the onslaught of liberal violence across the country:





















Some more recent examples of liberals rioting across the country that illustrate the need for guns in America occurred as recently as President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Following the event, a group of radical leftists set fire to a limo in Washington, D.C. as well as vandalized multiple buildings, which resulted in more than 200 arrests. Celebrities like Madonna are making terroristic threats against Trump, threatening to blow up the White House.  In addition, anti-Trump protesters physically and verbally assaulted individuals who dared to support our president and even blocked traffic in some cities before police were called in to restore order.  On Election Night, liberals burned the American flag, set cars on fire, and filled the streets of California causing chaos and panic.

These are just a few of the many examples of why gun rights are so important in this country. Should conservatives simply sit back and allow liberals to attack them physically? Clearly, the answer is no, but to the left, they want to continue to riot and destroy America, while the individuals who are actually impacted by such destruction are expected to sit back and allow it to happen.

Do you agree that the Second Amendment is crucial for conservatives in order to protect themselves against far-left rioters? Share your thoughts below!