Every day, Trump White House Spokesman Sean Spicer has to do battle with the liberal mainstream media.

Tensions run high every day, and the media can’t wait to find new, creative ways to smear President Donald J. Trump.

But they just just reached a new low.

Watch (below) what happened after Spiecer told a joke that if Trump used Russian salad dressing, the media would use that against him.

A hilarious joke, and harmless too. But CNN used the clip to have an entire on-air panel fact check it.

This is insanity:

Case closed? Hardly. CNN’s Michelle Krupa dug deep and found that ACKSHUALLY, Russian dressing has no direct connection to the country that hacked our election. Krupa penned a fact check headlined “Russian dressing is actually from Nashua, New Hampshire”:

“If the President puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russia connection,” Sean Spicer said.

Thing is, Russian dressing isn’t Russian. (Also, it’s really not for salads, but more of a sandwich spread — usually a Reuben.)

The mayo and ketchup concoction — often dressed up with horseradish and spices — was created in Nashua, New Hampshire.

This is a McCarthy-like witch-hunt, and the media is so invested in blaming Russia for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss that they can’t accept a simple joke during a press conference.

They are out of touch with reality, and this is why CNN’s ratings are so bad.

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