There has been a steady drip of criticism aimed at Sean Hannity as it becomes more and more clear just how biased he is towards Donald Trump.

And his listeners are not keeping quiet about it:

Well it looks like he’s had enough!! He finally broke down and went on a tirade actually saying that he’s just trying to be fair to Trump. It’s really remarkable. Here it is below:

Hannity tries to offer some summation of the times that he’s had the candidates on, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. It doesn’t matter if he’s had someone else on more than Trump, if he spends the time stroking Trump’s ego and letting him say whatever he wants, while attacking the other candidates.

Don’t believe me? The conservative Free Beacon put together this hilarious and incredible video of all the softball questions Sean Hannity asked Trump! Watch below:

Now that’s funny!! And they’re not the only ones to notice – here’s some more viewers who see the clear bias:

Here’s one of the more obvious times that Hannity went after Trump’s opponent for doing what Trump does all the time:

Pretty amazing.

What do you think? Is Sean Hannity so far in the tank for Trump he doesn’t even realize it? Let us know in the comments section below!!

And if you’re in the tank for Trump like Hannity is, check out this page with all things Trump!!