School Tells Teen Girl She’s Not Allowed to Wear Her Pro-Trump MAGA Hat

Maddie Mueller is a senior at Clovis North High School in Fresno, California who just wanted to wear her “Make America Great Again” hat to class, but according to the school’s dress code, she’s not allowed to.

Mueller wanted to wear her hat upon the request of the conservative activist group Valley Patriots, of which she is a member, KCBS-TV reported, citing KGPE. When she asked if she could wear a different hat that featured school colors but was still pro-Donald Trump, that request was also rejected.

When is patriotism “inappropriate?”

The senior believes her school barring her from wearing a Trump hat is a violation of her First Amendment rights, KCBS-TV reported. Mueller asked how “being a patriot in trying to show pride in your country” could be considered “inappropriate.”

A spokesperson for the Clovis Unified School District told Fox News that the school’s decision was specifically because the request was a hat, not the political message.

“It’s unfortunate that our dress code is being misrepresented as specifically singling out a MAGA hat as that is not what the policy says,” Chief Communication Officer Kelly Avants told Fox News. Avants stressed that the district’s dress code had been in effect for decades and that the clothing guidelines help foster “a learning environment free from distraction and that promotes a safe and welcoming environment on campus.”

“The district dress code allows for students to wear shirts or other clothing with a wide variety of sayings and/or political commentary,” Avants insisted. “Unless causing an actual disruption on campus, MAGA apparel is acceptable, and this has been shared with the student.”

Is ‘Trump’ a logo?

Mueller also said dress code-issues were brought up when she wore a shirt that promoted the building of a border wall that President Trump supports, according to KCBS-TV.

The teen also claims she was told Trump clothing wasn’t allowed because the school discourages logos, which some associate with gang activity.

“To my knowledge Trump is not a logo, it’s a last name, it’s just our President, you can’t claim the President is a logo, sports team or affiliated with any gang,” Mueller said.

What do you think? Is the school using the dress code to censor this young woman’s political beliefs, or is the district well within its right to uphold and enforce these rules?

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