Schiff Comes Unglued Over Reports Of Flynn Pardon – Says Trump ‘Acting Like An Organized Crime Figure’

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) came unglued on Wednesday over reports that President Donald Trump is considering pardoning former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Back in 2017, Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts he had with Russia, but he later attempted to withdraw this plea, according to The Hill.

Schiff Unravels

While appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Schiff accused Trump of “acting like an organized crime figure” because he feels that the president is trying to reward people who lie for him.

“It would send a message that at least as far as President Trump is concerned, if you lie on his behalf, if you cover up for him, he will reward you,” Schiff said. “He will protect you, but only if he thinks it’s in his interest.”

“There are others that lied for him that he’s not going to extend that kind of service to, but it just, frankly reflects so ill on our democracy, on the United States,” he added.

“Imagine what people around the world think when we have a president who’s acting like an organized crime figure,” Schiff continued. “But this is who Donald Trump is. It’s who he was on the way into the presidency. It will be exactly who he is on his last days of the presidency.”

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Schiff Admits Trump Could Legally Pardon Flynn

Despite this rant, Schiff could not deny that legally Trump has every right to pardon Flynn, “assuming that it’s not on the basis of some illicit quid pro quo.” However, the Democrat made a point of adding that he does not believe that Trump can pardon himself.

“There are other limitations on the pardon power, but it is very broad and subject to abuse as he has demonstrated,” Schiff said.

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Schiff was one of the Democrats who led the impeachment witch hunt charge against Trump during his presidency. That’s why it would not be surprising if he’s planning to lead yet another witch hunt effort against Trump and those close to him, once the president leaves office.

The hatred Schiff has for President Trump remains nothing short of disturbing.

This piece was written by James Samson on November 25, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • You have the salute, and uniform down pat. Welcome to your New United Socialist States of Amerika.

    You clowns voted for it.

  • Does your Mommy know your playing on the computer again ?

    Perhaps you should speak with Governor CUOMO a/k/a FREDO #2, who killed thousands when he ordered COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. It's very clear you are in dire need of a mental health evaluation.


  • Who said I’d let or want that perverted pedo sniffing me and massaging me while breathing heavily into the side of my neck? He does it to little girls and any female he is able to grope!

  • Please, genuflect when you make those Godly pronouncements! You act as though he actually fkew the CCP into our country just to infect masses of people sitting and waiting in their residential homes while infected folks were brought into a vulnerable community to spread the disease. You act as though Donald Trump failed to use the Hospital Ship of Hope, or the military field hospital to take the infected folks there instead of the old folks homes. You act as though he wasn’t listening to his little Virus specialist who told him we didn’t need to isolate. Who intended to have the virus spread?

    Dr Fauci. First it was no mask, no need to isolate. Then it was isolate!!! Isolate!! Wear your masks!! Wash your hands! So if Fauci knew about Andrew Cuomo stuffing old folks homes with virus cases nd causing thousands nd thousands of deaths, why didn’t Fauci issue an edict to keep virus riddled cases away from the vulnerable?? He saw what Cuomo was doing. Yet he didn’t say a word. Yet, you seem to think it was all Donald Trumps fault all those people died in NYC. Groper Joe would not have had all the equipment available, the masks, the ventilators, and the PPE available in record time like Trump was able to pull off in record time.

    You’re right, Donald Trump is anointed by God!

  • Biden wouldn't touch yours with a ten foot pole. You'd also need a gas mask to combat the odorous vapors.

  • Trump initially failed to inform the public what an efficiently spreading respiratory virus for which we have no vaccine and no antiviral meant. The Trump administration actively abdicated control of issues to local, state, and private actors.
    Off the cuff:
    Plan: Utilize the existing National Security pandemic infrastructure set up by the Obama presidency
    Failure: Trump politicized science and disbanded the NSC directorate for global health and security and bio-defense.
    Plan: CDC would invest in producing enough reagents for all public health labs in the country
    Failure: Shortages and delays have been rampant.
    Plan: The administration would give states clear and timely guidance about community mitigation
    Failure: Guidance has been uneven and undermined by the president
    Plan: Government officials would give the public “accurate, consistent and timely” information about the pandemic.
    Failure: The administration’s messaging has been all over the place, and political voices have drowned out health experts
    Plan: Robust international cooperation, including support for the World Health Organization
    Failure: The administration left and defunded the WHO
    Plan: Faster production and distribution of protective masks, including reusable ones
    Failure: Widespread and dangerous shortages of masks for health care workers.
    Plan: Continuous monitoring of the pandemic crisis and decision making
    Failure: Trump, "We're rounding the corner." 367 rounds of golf to date.

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