Sarah Sanders Says Harris And Biden ‘Caved Completely To The Far-Left Agenda’

Sarah Sanders

On Wednesday, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have both “caved completely to the far-left agenda.”

Sanders said during an interview on “Fox & Friends” that a Biden-Harris administration “would be a disaster for our country.”

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Sanders says Harris is ‘a champion of the same far-left agenda that Joe Biden has been touting over the last year’

Sanders made her comments in the wake of the announcement of Harris as presumptive Democratic nominee Biden’s running mate.

“I think that Kamala Harris is no surprise that she is Joe Biden’s pick,” Sanders said. “She is a champion of the same far-left agenda that Joe Biden has been touting over the last year.”

Sanders noted that “they both support higher taxes, a total government takeover of health care, liberal judges, open borders and the list goes on.”

“This ticket will further crush our economy at a time when we need to be rebuilding it,” Sanders continued. “It’s the last thing, I think, we need is these two taking over.”

Sanders: Biden-Harris will make ‘a Hillary Clinton presidency look like a moderate presidency’

She added that “a Biden-Harris ticket would make a Hillary Clinton presidency look like a moderate presidency.”

“They have both caved completely to the far-left agenda and I think that’s why we’re seeing him pick her and why we’re seeing them come together on this ticket,” Sanders said.

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The Democratic presidential ticket is beholden to a radical agenda

Sanders claimed that Biden and Harris “have totally been controlled by both supporting the Green New Deal and a number of other policies that would be absolutely crushing to our economy and it’s not just about the economy, our entire freedom and way of life in our country is at stake.”

“It’s never been more important for people to come out and to vote and to really look at the difference of the two candidates’ policies and I can’t imagine that anybody in this country, when they really look at it, wants to live under a Biden-Harris presidency,” Sanders added.