By Maureen Mackey | September 6, 2019

Former White House press secretary — now a Fox News contributor — said on Friday morning on “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, “I am only the third woman and the first mom to ever be the White House press secretary, and yet women attack me relentlessly, instead of, you know, being proud that we have more women doing those types of jobs.”

She added, “Usually what they’re looking for is a reaction. So I always find it’s best to nod, smile and say, ‘Thank you for your time,’ and walk on,” she said, “because I don’t want to engage in a fight.”

The gracious Sanders announced a few weeks ago that she would be joining Fox News as a contributor.

“Fox News has been the number-one news organization in the country for 17 years running and I am beyond proud to join their incredible stable of on-air contributors in providing political insights and analysis,” she said in her statement at that time.

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In further comments on Friday morning about the personal attacks on her since she’s left the White House, she said, “You know, it usually depends on where I am in the country. Back home in Arkansas, things have so far been pretty easy and very welcoming … I haven’t been asked to leave any restaurant, thankfully, but every once in a while you always, you know, you have somebody who comes up to say something nasty to you. What I always find interesting is [that] 99 percent of the people that come over to say something negative and to attack you are women. And I find that very startling from — you know — a group of people that claim to be the champions of women empowerment.”

Of her experience working in the White House — and now being able to spend more time with her children — Sanders said, “It’s been a tremendous experience working in the White House — something I will honor and treasure forever. But I have three amazing kids,” adding that their ages are seven, five and four.

“It is unbelievable to me that they would want to move our country backward instead of taking us forward.”

“And I’m the only one that gets to be mom to them,” she said. “And so, now I get to do that a little bit more. And that has been so fun and so special. And I’m so glad to have the chance to be home a little bit more often.”

She noted bluntly about the field of Democratic candidates who are running for the 2020 nomination against President Donald Trump, “The things that are coming out of Democrats’ mouths these days, I can’t even process it, they’re so stupid.”

“I mean, they want to take our country back so far, right? It is unbelievable to me that they would want to move our country backward instead of taking us forward. Any American that is listening to the things that the Democrats are saying and still supports them, you have to ask them, ‘Why? What do you think is going to be better for you under these people leading our country?’ And I think it can be very scary the path that they want to take us down.”

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Sanders is writing a memoir — and overall says that her White House experience over her two years there was “extremely positive. My book will be positive. It will start and cover some of my early life growing up in a political family and then cover a lot of the time in the White House.”

Her book is due out in the fall of 2020 from St. Martin’s.

Among other things, she said she’ll be discussing “some of those controversial moments about the Red Hen” — when she was confronted back in June of 2018 in a restaurant by some anti-Trumpers — “those are things I really have never talked about.”

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This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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