Sarah Sanders: Joe Biden Can’t Even Handle Softball Questions And The Media Remains Silent

Former Trump White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday that it is “shocking” how silent the media has been in their refusal to focus on Joe Biden’s incoherent answers to “softball” questions.

Sanders told “Fox & Friends” that Biden’s disastrous interview with CBS correspondent Errol Barnett, in which the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee got irritated when asked if he had taken a cognitive test, was a prime example. In the exchange, Biden asked Barnett if he was on cocaine.

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Sanders on media silence about Biden’s mental state: ‘Truly it’s mind-blowing’

Yet when Fox News’ Doug McKelway asked Biden in June if he has taken a cognitive test, the Democrat said he takes them all the time.

“I find it absolutely amazing how little you hear about this, particularly on an answer where he asked a reporter if he was a junky… truly it’s mind-blowing,” Sanders said. “Can you imagine if Donald Trump… gave that answer to a reporter about whether or not he was mentally fit to be president? They would go absolutely crazy.”

“Every time the president says one word off, they lose their minds, they spend the next 12 hours running it on a loop talking about how he shouldn’t be president,” Sanders added. “Joe Biden can’t get through a single interview, put one coherent sentence together and, yet, they sit quietly.”

Sanders: ‘Where was the Biden campaign saying it was preposterous to ask Donald Trump that very same question?’

Team Biden said of the exchange between their candidate and Barnett that the question was “preposterous” and “deserving of a response that showed the absurdity of it all.”

Sanders noted that Trump has been asked similar questions about his cognitive ability “a million times.”

“Where was the Biden campaign saying it was preposterous to ask Donald Trump that very same question?” Sanders wondered.

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Sanders says Americans ‘know that Joe Biden is not ready to lead this country’

“If he can’t handle a couple of softball questions from reporters without losing his cool every single time he gets a little bit of pushback, I think that’s one of the big reasons that Donald Trump is going to do very well in November,” Sanders said.

“People at the end of the day, know that Joe Biden is not ready to lead this country and certainly not ready to take on the challenges we face ahead,” she finished.

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