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Sarah Palin Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement About Wyoming Caucus!


This primary season has been fraught with controversy.

From Iowa, Texas, and Colorado there always seems to be something that irks Trump and his supporters.

Last weekend in Colorado, a huge controversy erupted over how the delegates were selected.

This weekend Wyoming is going through a similar process, and not without controversy.

Adding fuel to the fire is the latest announcement from Trump’s would-be surrogate to the Wyoming GOP convention, Sarah Palin.

Via Breitbart:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was initially scheduled to attend the Wyoming convention to represent Trump, but canceled her appearance without an explanation.

“The Donald Trump campaign has informed the Wyoming Republican Party that Sarah Palin, the scheduled surrogate speaker for the presidential candidate, will not be attending the State GOP Convention,” the Wyoming Republican party announced on their website. According to the statement, the Trump campaign has not indicated whether another surrogate will appear for Trump.

Breitbart posted this update.

Palin is scheduled to attend the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas this weekend to promote her new syndicated court television show with the working title “Palin Rules.”

A second source from Palin’s staff confirmed with Breitbart News that Palin made the Trump campaign aware of the scheduling conflict over a week ago.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Is Palin no-showing a protest by the Trump campaign? Are they refusing to participate because they believe the process to be rigged?

Unlikely, but this is just going to play into Trump opponents’ talking points about The Donald being a sore loser and thinking everyone is out to get him.

Stay tuned for the latest out of Wyoming.

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