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Sarah Palin Just Made A BOMBSHELL Announcement About Todd – WHOA!

Todd Palin

It has been almost a month since Sarah Palin’s husband Todd was in a serious snowmobile crash that almost took his life. It sent him to the hospital, and Palin just shared a major update about Todd on Facebook.

This is incredible! Our prayers have been answered, and he’s improving quickly…

So grateful for your prayers and support during Todd’s recovery! He’s in a good place – on the couch – insisting if there’s any good season for injury, it’s now. […]

It IS overwhelming, friends’ goodness permeating the situation. Todd is always, always doing what he can for others, and rooting for anyone going through life’s trials. It’s amazing to realize his character is recognized outside of our four walls. He’s got a great heart… to go along with two inflated lungs now, metal holding bones together, and stitched up epidermis that makes him appreciate good health more than ever.

Palin went on to explain how March Madness basketball has been a “great distraction” for Todd as he gets through therapy. He’e excited to get back onto the Bristol Bay waters and fish with his family again.

Here is the full post:

Todd Palin

We’re so glad that Todd Palin’s health is improving, and his spirits are high. He is an American patriot, and we support him.

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