Source Says Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Replace Sean Spicer

Will White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer be the next person in the Trump Administration to hear the President’s famous catchphrase “you’re fired”?

Perhaps – but it’s more likely that he’ll simply be “replaced” rather than technically “fired,” as most White House press secretaries don’t keep the job for long. I mean, can you imagine if your job was to defend everything someone says no matter how often you disagree?

So who is next in line for the position? The Gateway Pundit is claiming to have exclusive information on just that….

A restructuring is set to take place in the White House briefing room. The Gateway Pundit has recently learned from someone with very close ties to the Administration that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is slated to take over for current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Our exclusive source declined a further request for additional information regarding Sean Spicer’s future role in the White House Administration.

The staffing change is purported to have come directly from Sean Spicer who notified our source of the shift.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, will be taking over for current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, a source close to Spicer confirmed to the Gateway Pundit recently.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

According to GWP, she’s the top pick thanks to her ability to keep her composure under pressure.

This isn’t the first time that Huckabee Sanders has been floated as a potential replacement to Spicer. She’s acted as Press Secretary in Spicer’s place when he’s been absent. And the results have been largely positive. Just look at some of the headlines from when Sanders took the podium back in May:

Is it time for a new Press Secretary? Let us know who you think should take the job after Spicer in the comments section below!


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  • "The Gateway Pundit has recently learned from someone with very close ties to the Administration. . ."

    This sounds like the crap one would find in The New York Times or the Washington Post

  • I don't think Spicer needs to go but perhaps Sarah is the better person to be speaking to the press since Spicer can't always control his annoyance with the press. I'm sure it's not easy but the press secretary should always maintain an even demeanor & an impartial attitude even when the press asks stupid questions.

  • LCDR Spicer is good. Keep him. Sarah is good. Keep her (alternate). My old "Effective Negotiating" class at one company said "use the principle of 'THREE' ". Good idea as Donald is #1, LCDR Spicer is #2 and Sarah is good as #3 (backup). Look at the succession of POTUS>> Pres > V > Hs Spkr (principle of 3). Civics 101. Navy drill as primary designator > NFO > SDO > CommOff > AI. Multi-tasking is the rule.

    • BTW (ff I can get a word in edgewise to all the pop-up ads and page flips), for those in Rio Linda, the Navy acronyms mean: NFO (Naval Flight Officer), SDO (Squadron Duty Officer), CommOff (Communications Officer) and AI (Air Intelligence). None are oxymorons. Semper Fi.

      • You don't let a Public Affairs Officer plan combat operations, do you? Why let a salesman run the White House? He will say and do anything to make his commission on the sale. And he is good at closing his deals. Pity the buyers.

        Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump got $100 million when the $110 Billion Saudi arms deal went through. That's a 10% commission isn't it?

  • I like Sean and I think he has done as well as his personality and character allow in the face of open hostility from the White House Press Corps. He's just not a warrior. That room is filled with enemies, people who are out to collect scalps from this administration and destroy this presidency, by any means necessary. We need a warrior.

  • Sean is just okay. We need a powerful, strict and dynamic presenter in the job and one that controls the press. Sean has tried, but falls short and often comes out last. The every press conference needs to be aired , live, so the people of this nation see it and hear it at the same time the press get it. That will eliminate the need of the press spin.

  • No matter who Trump appoints as PS the liberal media will still take everything they say and put their own spin on it to fit the democrat globalist agenda.

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