CNN’s Symone Sanders: FBI Didn’t Catch Florida Shooter Because Racism

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CNN’s chief race-baiter Symone Sanders agrees with the consensus that the FBI dropped the ball when it came to investigating Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz.

But when it comes to why, the insanity comes shining through. According to Rare,

Sanders argued that the FBI largely ignored Cruz because of his race, ethnicity and religion.

“All I want to say is, had the Parkland shooter been black or brown, we wouldn’t be talking about the types of legislation we could and could not make happen.” she began to argue. “Because if he was yelling ‘Allah Akbar,’ Congress and the president would have been tweeting about it, and they would have swooped in- ”

Political analyst Bill Kristol cut Sanders off to tell her that she was “just thinking about race.”

How sad is the state of the media that Bill Kristol is the voice of reason on a panel?

She then claimed that “white supremacists have repeatedly slipped through the fingers of the FBI,” including Cruz among them. Here, Symone is repeating the media lie that Cruz was part of a white nationalist group that sought to “create a white ethnostate in Florida.” As is always the case, the media correction to that falsehood got no where near the amount of attention as the falsehood itself.

When asked to clarify whether or not she was saying the FBI “does not care,” Sanders replied that she was shedding light on “a pattern.”

If race was an issue, then why did the FBI do nothing regarding Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen after investigating him for 10 months?

Or how about when the neighbors of the ISIS-inspired San Bernardino shooters said they had seen “suspicious activity” coming out of the would-be terrorists’ home, but didn’t report them to authorities because they didn’t want to “profile” them, which would have been “racist”?

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