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Sadie Robertson Shared Horrible News – She Needs Our Prayers!


At age 18, Sadie Robertson is a star of Duck Dynasty, the hit reality show on A&E. But what she just announced is EVERY parent’s worst nightmare.

We and the rest of her fans must pray for her, as she just announced she was in a car accident! This is horrible, frightening news and the wreck was serious…

Thankfully, she appears to be walking away with minor injuries. God was taking care of her and her passengers, which is why she is thankful for the Lord’s protection today.

Cars are deadly for teenagers. In fact, it is the highest cause of death for teens age 13 to 19, accounting for 33% of all fatalities.

Sadie Robertson is a devoted Christian who has been a positive role model for millions of young ladies. We need her to be healthy and ready to film the next season of Duck Dynasty while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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