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Rush Limbaugh Destroys Romney – Reminds Him Of The PATHETIC Thing His Father Did In 1964!

Rush Limbaugh

It is clear that former presidential candidate and Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney is no fan of conservative businessman Donald J. Trump.

When Rush Limbaugh watched Romney’s “anyone but Trump” speech, he was reminded about the history behind it. As Limbaugh explained on Fox News (below) to Chris Wallace, this situation is unusually similar to something Mitt Romney’s liberal Republican father George Romney did.

George Romney, who was once the Governor of Michigan, joined with fellow establishment Republicans who opposed principled conservative Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) during the 1964 primary. Goldwater was just as much of an outsider as Trump is today.

As Rush reminds us, the establishment launched campaigns against Goldwater and called him a “crazed extremist.” That’s because they were terrified of losing control of their own political party… just like they are today.

George Romney also turned on conservatives on the Vietnam War, claiming he was “brainwashed” by American generals. Clearly, George Romney taught Mitt how to be a world-class flip-flopper.

Limbaugh explains that these GOP elites aren’t conservative. Instead, they are only there because they are run by big donors. Because Trump is self-funded, he’s a bigger threat than they have ever faced before!

Watch as Limbaugh explains Mitt Romney’s actions (at the 1:00 mark)…

Hilariously, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to realize that his speech only motivates Trump’s supporters to work harder to elect him to office. Romney has never been supported by the conservative grassroots, and the reactions to his speech prove that.

What do you think about Rush Limbaugh’s theory that Mitt Romney is doing the same thing his father did? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!