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Rush Limbaugh BASHES Kaepernick For Helping The Left Do THIS!

rush kaepernick
Rush Limbaugh roundly criticized Forty-Niners’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick for not standing up during the National Anthem, saying that he was just helping liberals further their diabolical plan for America.

What is that plan? It includes taking patriotism out of the NFL and all sports, and taking out the expressions of honoring the military too.

Listen to the great Rushbo below:

He’s right about this – there is a rush, pardon the pun, of liberals and degenerate leftists coming to Colin’s defense. And of course they all start with his “1st Amendment right” to speak his opinion – but no one denies him that. What they really like is that he’s using his free speech to bash America, and that’s the ONLY speech that will be allowed in a left-wing totalitarian “safe space.”

And according to one report, the Forty-Niners will be cutting Kaepernick after this controversial outburst!!

Here’s more about the backlash to Kaepernick’s actions:

What do you think? Is Rush right that this is all part of the left’s plan for America? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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